Maya Indulgence Signature Therapy 
3 hours (single RM 600 / couples RM 900)
Here is an ultimate treat to be enjoyed alone or with a companion. Delicious aromas of coffee and mococa will tease the senses while your body is given complete pampering from top to toe. Treatment includes:
  • Soothing neck and head massage with simultaneous foot spa
  • Foot exfoliation and mask
  • Full body scrub
  • Full body wrap
  • Aroma fusion bath
  • Full body Maya Signature Massage
Detoxification Therapy 
2 hours minutes RM 388
Say hello to a rejuvenated body with this renewing programme. Scents of citrus and ginger will refresh and invigorate while the body is detoxed and pampered to a whole new self. Treatment includes:
  • Foot spa
  • Full body ginger scrub
  • Herbal bath therapy
  • Aromatherapy or Swedish full body massage
Traditional Therapy 
2 hours RM 388
Indulge in a time-tested traditional path to wellness. Spices and herbs will infuse you with calm and awareness. Treatment includes:
  • Foot spa
  • Boreh full body wrap
  • Herbal bath therapy
  • Full body Traditional Malay Urut massage
Relaxation Therapy 
2 hours RM 388
Coax your body into Zen calm with the ultimate relaxation ritual. Rose petals and relaxing aromatherapy to ease tense muscles. Treatment includes:
  • Foot spa
  • Full body rose scrub
  • Nourishing bath
  • Aromatherapy full body massage
*All prices are inclusive of GST.