Located on Level 2, Hotel Maya ballroom can accommodate 300 persons for a banquet reception and 350 persons for a cocktail reception.

A range of contemporary lighting, efficient telecommunication, presentation and state of the art conference equipment supports the clean and sleek concept of the ballroom

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Meeting Rooms

We have a total of 2 meeting rooms with natural day light with various sizes and capacity space

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Go Virtual

Move forward with technology to stay connected and remain accessible for your event, webinar, seminar, conference, concert and many more through our livestreaming virtual platform.

We can customise your users' experience for pre-event, event day and post event to ensure real-time experience

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Meeting Packages

Meeting Packages

Restart Meetings @ Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur from RM100+ per person with 3 type of snacks during coffee break and lunch. Offer is valid till 28 February 2022

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