5-Star Hotel Maya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia features 205 spacious rooms, comprising of Studio Room, Junior Suite and Deluxe Suite. With rustic timber flooring, contemporary furnishings and floor-to-ceiling glass panel that possibly offers the most spectacular skyline view of Kuala Lumpur. Our rooms have specially designed interiors to enable natural light to reach all parts of the room.


Hotel Maya has 100 units of studio type rooms. Each room is approximately 34 sqm in size and is delicately designed to suit the hotel's clientele. From businessmen to leisure travelers, the studio is well furnished and spacious, thus embracing the charm and richness of the 'boutique urban resort' concept.

Junior Suite

The 19 exclusive units of Junior Suite is an excellent choice for honeymooners who wish to be pampered with the touch of elegance. The 45 sqm suite offers generous space and the freestanding bathtub is another ideal feature of this room.

Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe Suite combines contemporary elegance with an intimate atmosphere to give its opulent touch. The spacious 67 sqm layout with a plush and comfortable bed, chic furnishings and walk-in closet accentuate the hotel's boutique concept.